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Fire Lake Soapery

Fish Bowl Soap

Fish Bowl Soap

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When I was little I had a pet fish named Bacon. Yes, I was a weird kid. Anyway, one day Bacon wasn't in his (their?) bowl and I looked everywhere: under my bed, in my pockets...everywhere. Everywhere except our cat Lenny's mouth, which is where I suspect Bacon met his end, along with my hamster, Magnum Romeo, not too long after. 

Great news, ZuGreeners! Now you can spare your littles from the same childhood trauma I experienced by buying a pack of our new Fish Bowl Soap! We are very excited to add some kid-friendly products to our line, especially products that will help make bath time a little easier for moms and dads, and we think our new Fish Bowl Soaps are just the thing to do that!

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As a local Veteran Owned Small Business we take pride in exclusively manufacturing ZuGreen cleaning products right here in the USA.